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Quality Tested from Farm to Tincture

At Double Down we pride ourselves to have full transparency and traceability of our ingredients from the seed of the plant to the bottled tincture.

We are advocates for more transparency in the CBD industry and therefore strongly believe that it is on us to provide you with the best information about what is exactly in your CBD product.

All our products are lab-tested for purity, potency, and safety. This is of utmost importance for us, so we can deliver to you the best possible product.

We test at different stages of the process. First, we test our organic-grown hemp before it leaves the farm. This provides us with information about the potency and quality of the flower itself and ensures it is pesticide free.

Secondly, we test every small batch of our tinctures.  Every product is tested for the “good”: Potency of CBD, presence and amount of other cannabinoids, THC levels as well as the “bad”: Solvents, other harmful substances, bacteria and fungi, as well as any other harmful materials like heavy metal.

We use an accredited, independent lab for all of our testing to ensure unbiased results.

Below you will find the most recent lab results by product.

Double Down CBD

Certificate of Analysis

Double Down CBD CBG

Certificate of Analysis

Access lab results by Batch #

You can easily find the lab results of every Double Down product by using its unique batch number. Just enter the batch number located at the bottom of the box or on the right side of the bottle.